We made it!! …to Pennsylvania

We’re in the dreaded PA now, subject of more complaints than any other state due to its abundance of pointy rocks.  Sorry I haven’t posted anything recently. We went into NYC last weekend, so we didn’t want to take any other time off. And I wasn’t about to spend my free time in the Big Apple with Margaret on a computer typing a blog post, so here I am paying for that by doing it on my phone again in the basement of a church in Delaware Water Gap.

In my last post I said I’d put good stuff in this one, and I’m keeping that promise. First off is the…


Moose count: 1/2. It was walking away, far off through the trees, so I didn’t even get to see its head. After I spotted it, Dad always made sure to stay in front of me. He claims to have seen 2 more, but I can’t confirm or deny. All sightings were on the side of Spaulding Mt. in ME.

Bear count: 5. The last was at camp last night. As I was hanging our food from a tree Dad said from his tent, “Seth… there’s a bear behind you.” Of course I’m picturing a bear standing right behind me, 7 feet tall and ready to rip me apart and steal my bagels. I turned around and it was more like 10 yards from me, on all fours and looking at me curiously like a dog wondering if its owner is going to throw the ball already. I said “GIT” and it went.

Other than that, we see a lot of little snakes, a lot of noisy chipmunks in Vermont, red squirrels in NH and ME, and gray squirrels in CT and NY way bigger than the ones back home. Today I got within 3 feet of a porcupine before he climbed way up some tree. The creatures we’ve seen more than any other are mosquitos, which are more demon spawn than animal anyway.

Another thing I need to cover since we’ve left New England is the…


You’ve heard me talk about them before, but now I’m going to give you the final verdict on these devilishly good desserts. Or breakfast, lunch, whatever really. This is important trail info, so listen up.

1. Maple whoopie – 2 of the greatest things to come out of New England, maple and whoopie pies. Combining them was kind of a no brainer, as is eating one whenever you get the chance.

2. Double chocolate – second only to the combo of maple and whoopie pies os the combo of chocolate and chocolate. Need I say more?

3. Peanut Butter – Let’s face it, PB is amazing. I’ve eaten more of it than nearly anything else out here and sometimes at the end of the day I’m still craving more.  Enter PB whoopie.

4. Chocolate chip – this guy is basically like a Good Humor cookie ice cream sandwich deal, which is delicious, but it has the added benefit that I can hide it in my pocket indefinitely so Dad doesn’t see I’ve bought yet another whoopie pie.

5. Whoopie pie – the original. This guy is simple but good and deserves mad props for spawning so many delicious derivatives.

6. Mocha – Not bad. Dessert is still my preferred form of coffee consumption, but milkshake remains my favorite form of dessert coffee.

7. Red Velvet – just a whoopie but dyed red.  They didn’t make the filling like red velvet icing, which is what really makes a good red velvet cake.

There you have it folks, the best of the whoopies. Actually those are the only ones I got to try, though I’Ve heard the pumpkin ones are good too. Ahh… almost makes me want to hike back to Maine and get one… almost.

It’s getting late, and I’m super tired. We’re getting some new shoes in the mail in Slatington this weekend, so hopefully I can do another short post there. Maybe I’ll tell you about our weekend in NYC. Who knows? I’ll definitely do pictures then, when I have a better signal.  Later.


4 thoughts on “We made it!! …to Pennsylvania

  1. We are so enjoying your blogs . Living vicariously through them. Keep them coming :)). You 2 are amazing . Can’t wait for the next blog . I love PB too 😄


  2. Yummm!!! ALL those whoopie pies sound delicious.

    We are originally from Pennsylvania about 2 hours outside the Pittsburgh area (DuBois Pa) and we just moved here to Georgia last July. We love the winters here! Pennsylvania is very beautiful in the fall.

    A couple of questions:

    How did you feel when you were in NYC with ALL the people, cars, confusion, etc? Were you anxious to get back on the trail ?

    What is ONE thing you so miss (besides a loved one)?

    Do you have some kind of bear spray?

    What do you use for the mosquitoes? We fished in Lake Placid, Ny the black flies were TERRIBLE. We bought face nets and all kinds of bug repellant of which none really worked all that well. We came home with some nasty bites.

    When you set up your tent do you set it up right next to the trail or back further in the woods?

    Do you have cell phone service all the time?

    Just some question that we wonder about. There are lots more..hahaha

    Enjoy your email and as always we wish you and your dad a safe journey.


  3. Stuart, Dave Freeman here, Tolliver’s friend, glad to see you’ve all made it this far you will be in Georgia sooner than you think if you continue to put one-foot-in front-of-the-other…. I know the mosquito’s have been bad, but how has you health been? What has been the greatest challenge for you both thus far? I will be looking out for your reply….


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